This past year has been a year of change for Engineering Archive. Early in the year, we announced the move to a new hosting provider and a new preprint server software. We are incredibly happy to be partnered with the Public Knowledge Project and to be using Open Preprint Systems as the server’s backend. A major component of this transition has been helping engineering authors who submitted preprints on our previous hosting platform get migrated to the new platform so that they can continue to manage those preprints.

Migration this year has reduced the number of preprints posted by about 25% compared to the previous two years. We anticipated that we would see some reductions this year as folks adapt to the new platform and adjust their workflows. We expect that submission numbers will recover as engineering authors become more comfortable with the new platform. If you are having any difficulty with using the new platform, please reach out over email (director[at] or on our Matrix support channel.

Finally, we want to make sure that we acknowledge and show our appreciate for the support of the Engineering Archive Membership Circle. The Membership Circle creates the opportunity for institutions, libraries, and other organizations to support the sustainability of the server through a $500 annual contribution. We are especially grateful to the Universith of Minnesota Libraries who have newly joined in 2022! We cannot forget our sustaining members, some of whom are in their fifth year of provided this vital support for the server!

We hope you’ll keep in touch via social media. Find us on the fediverse at our Mastodon account