For authors who started with Engineering Archive on the Open Science Framework, we wanted to address a few possible questions you may have about the transition to the new platform. We know that this transition may cause frustration for some users, but we hope you are as excited as we are about possibilities for development the new platform will give us. Any of you who have worked with a journal published on the Open Journal Systems platform in the past will find engrXiv’s new interface familiar. If at any time you are unsure about something or need help, email us at for assistance.

Preprints and postprints

Your preprints and postprints have been migrated to the new server. We have attempted to preserve as much metadata as possible during the import, such as license, keywords, download counts, etc. However, some of this information is not currently being displayed on the new preprint pages until we can add that functionality to Open Preprint Systems. Shortly, your preprints will be “withdrawn” from the Open Science Framework to remove them from that platform.


Your preprints/postprints will have new URLs of the format We have preserved the legacy URLs which had the format and redirected those to the new URL scheme. Your DOIs will remain unchanged and will continue to resolve to your preprints/postprints now located at the new URLs. The engrXiv social media accounts used links of the form These links will continue to work for a short time, but will eventually point to a “tombstone” page on the Open Science Framework, which will provide a link to the new server. If you used the link anywhere, we recommend that you update it.


The primary aspect requiring attention for our legacy users is your user account. Due to data privacy issues and the Open Science Framework Terms of Service, we were not able to migrate your account to the new server. However, if you verify the ownership of your OSF account with us, we can connect your new engrXiv account with your existing preprints. The process if unfortunately manual, but you can start here.