We’ve tried to make our finances as transparent as possible. Thus you can view our ledger of income and expenses on our financials page. Currently our regularly occurring monthly expenses total a modest $4.61 which includes domain registrations and the SSL certificate. Income beyond these fixed costs would go towards marketing and community building efforts.

Tax-Deductible Methods

Governance, Marketing, and Administrative Operations

engrXiv is directed by Devin Berg in a volunteer role. Donations to support the community building and marketing efforts of engrXiv can be made online through the Stout University Foundation, 501(c)(3).
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Hosting, Development, and Long-term Sustainability

engrXiv has partnered with the nonprofit Center for Open Science (COS), 501(c)(3), and engrXiv as a web platform is hosted on the OSF Framework. COS provides the hosting of the engrXiv website, storage and preservation of papers posted to engrXiv, and continued development of the platform at no cost to engrXiv. Donations to support the hosting, development, and long-term sustainability of the service can be made directly to the Center for Open Science.
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Non-Deductible Methods

Monthly support

Become a monthly supporter on Patreon! Monthly support helps us cover our regularly occurring expenses as well as possibly fund outreach and marketing to promote open engineering practices more widely.
Patreon: patreon.com/openengr

Online payment

Paypal (USD): paypal.me/openengr