As of yesterday, Engineering Archive surpassed 1000 hosted eprints on the server. Yay for celebrating arbitrary milestones! We are so grateful to the community for trusting the archive to host your work and for supporting community owned research infrastructure. While big publishers are jumping into the preprint game, we feel now it is more important than ever that researchers have outlets which are “not for profit, community-based, and publisher-neutral”. We may never be able to compete with the big publishers financially, but we operate with the communities best interests at heart and have no desire to lock our authors into any one publishing ecosystem.

The growth trajectory of the Engineering Archive continues its upward trend and so far, May 2020 has been are highest submission month to date.

engrXiv cumulative print

At the same time, we’ve matched the total number of submissions in all of 2018 (230) just in year-to-date numbers for 2020. We expect that we will quickly surpass 2019’s number of submissions (411).

engrXiv print count by year

Once again, thank you to the engineering community for supporting Engineering Archive and we look forward to your continued support in the future!

If you’d like to see a snapshot of Engineering Archive’s first 1000 hosted eprints, we’ve made that available on Zenodo: DOI