Far too often we see conferences host their proceedings on the temporary conference website, on Google Drive or Dropbox, or even just on flashdrives distributed to attendees. Of course, none of these options guarantee any form of permanence or wider distribution beyond the conference itself. Here is where engrXiv and OSF for Meetings can help. OSF for Meetings provides a centralized page (see below) for all associated articles that will allow conference participants to easily find the entire conference proceedings in one location. Meanwhile, by simultaneously posting each article from the proceedings to engrXiv, they become more visible to the wider engineering community, are automatically assigned a DOI, get indexed in Google Scholar, and can be easily connected to any later version of the article and continue to accumulate citations.

If you are interested in hosting your conference proceedings on OSF for Meetings and engrXiv, send us an email at info@engrxiv.org.