Things are chugging along behind the scenes at engrXiv. OSF has rolled out their general preprint service which both allows uploading of preprints and also indexes and aggregates preprints from a variety of other servers. Preprints submitted to engrXiv are included in this index and are discoverable from that service. This service will soon provide the backend upon which engrXiv is built when we move out of beta.

If you are looking for opportunities to contribute to the development of engrXiv, we have two ongoing activities at the moment that you can help out with.

1) engrXiv will use the Bepress taxonomy as a means of categorizing submissions to the server. This categorization affects both submissions to the server and searching for preprints on the server. To make this as useful as possible to the engineering community, we’d like your input on the structure and organization of this taxonomy. Is there anything we should add or remove? Anything that should be organized differently? You can view the taxonomy on our GitHub page and submit any comments or suggestions using the issue tracker.

taxonomy snippet

2) We would like to create LaTeX and Word templates that can be provided to users as they draft their papers for engrXiv. These templates would not be a requirement for submission but would purely be a service provided to those who lack an alternative template. If you would like to contribute, please use the engrXiv-template GitHub repo to get started.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to continue submitting your preprints to engrXiv!